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Hi, I'm Brittany. These are my personal posts. I used to be seductive-ly.
Pulchritudinous: having great physical beauty; delighting the senses or exciting intellectual or emotional admiration


so there was a bug in my room so i got my mom to kill it because i hate bugs and then she was like

"you have to learn to kill bugs for your girlfriend"

and i was like

"ill get my boyfriend to do it"

and thats how i came out to my mom

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Here’s how it works. Random people from all over the world donate their personal belongings that best represents a ‘broken relationship’ with someone or something. Then, they also have a brief description of how and why the relationship ended. It’s such a unique museum! I’ve never seen anything like it.The exhibit was just really touching and somehow comforting, realizing that you’re not the only one that went thru the same heartbreak. 

(Museum of Broken Relationships, Zagreb, Croatia)

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